Four new species were introduced to the scientific world at the Çorakyerler Vertebrate Fossil Locality

In the Çorakyerler Vertebrate Fossil Site, also known as Turkey’s “Jurassic Park”, approximately 9 million years old fossils belonging to 4 species have been brought to the scientific world. The Çorakyerler Vertebrate Fossil Locality is situated on the Yapraklı road in Çankırı Province, approximately 4-5 km away from the city center, within the Fatih neighborhood….

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human-like monkey species

The discovery of a human-like monkey species in Çankırı is altering our understanding of the origins of humanoid species

Eight years ago, in the Çorakyerler Vertebrate Fossil Site in Çankırı, it was determined that the monkey bones found belonged to a different species, and a tailless monkey-like species with humanoid features was named “Anadoluvius turkae.” Anadoluvius turkae, estimated to have lived around 8.7 million years ago, supports the hypothesis that tailless and bipedal Anadoluvius…

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