The altar section of the Temple of Zeus in the Ancient City of Magnesia has been uncovered

According to legend, the altar section of the Temple of Zeus, which is currently undergoing restoration efforts in the ancient city of Magnesia, established by the Magnets who came from Thessaly based on Apollo’s prophecy and guidance, has been uncovered. The excavations in the ancient city of Magnesia, located in the Germencik district of Aydın,…

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Aydın Tepecik Mound

A palace-like structure dating back 3300 years and grain bins were discovered during the excavations at Aydın Tepecik Mound

At the ongoing excavations at Tepecik Mound, where traces of settlement dating back to 7,500 years ago have been observed, agricultural products and obsidian trade were identified. A structure with palace or temple architecture dating back to around 1300 BC, and a grain storage facility within it, has been unearthed. Tepecik Mound is located in…

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