A 1500-year-old church floor mosaic was found in Kahramanmaraş

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In Kahramanmaraş, which was shaken by two major destructive earthquakes in February, a 1500-year-old church floor mosaic was discovered in the ongoing archaeological excavation works. The three-square-meter floor mosaic draws attention with motifs of peacocks, deer, and floral decorations.

In the archaeological excavation works coordinated by the Elbistan City Museum Directorate in the Afşin district of Kahramanmaraş, a 1500-year-old church floor mosaic has been discovered.

In the area where historical remains were found in the Efsus Turan Neighborhood, a three-square-meter floor mosaic was unearthed.

1500-year-old church mosaic was found in Kahramanmaraş

The mosaic’s central scene features motifs of a peacock, deer, and floral decorations. The border consists of an inner braided pattern, a wave motif, and an outer design of flowers and baklava.

Afşin Mayor Mehmet Fatih Güven, while stating that the discovered mosaic is believed to date back 1500 years, said:

“As a result of the research conducted, it is thought that the found artifact is a church mosaic. Thanks to the excavation work sponsored by the Afşin Municipality, traces of history have been brought to light centuries later. The Efsus Turan Mosaic Excavation not only opens a window to our past but also provides an opportunity to understand our history more deeply. I know it is our duty to show the necessary care to the history waiting to be discovered in our lands.”

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