The mosaic of the Trojan War hero Aeneas, which has no equivalent in the world

The mosaic of the Trojan War hero ‘Aeneas,’ with no parallel in the world, has been uncovered

During the excavation of the foundation of a construction site in the Kadirli district of Osmaniye, the mosaic of the Trojan War hero, also known as the ancestor of the Roman people, ‘Aeneas,’ was uncovered. The mosaic was found in the ruins of a Roman-era villa. According to a news article from the IHA, the…

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Who were the Luwians?

Why does Troy appear like an isolated outpost at the very top of the north-eastern Aegean when the cultural events of the time were much further south, namely in Minoan Crete and within the Mycenaean culture at the southernmost extremity of the Balkans? Who did the Trojans actually count as their neighbors? How should one…

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