The world’s largest natural skyscraper Uchisar Castle

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It would not be an exaggeration to call Uchisar Castle, the largest fairy chimney in the Cappadocia region, the largest natural skyscraper in the world.

Located 5 kilometers away from Nevşehir, Uchisar can be seen from everywhere. Besides, from the summit of the castle, Kapodakya can be watched from a bird’s eye view.

Uchisar Castle consists of two pointed fairy chimneys adjacent to each other. Among the people, the bigger one is called “Agha’s Castle” and the smaller one is called “Çavuşun Castle”. The castle resembles a skyscraper with its structure exceeding 50 meters from the south and 100 meters from the north.

During the Roman period, many rooms, houses, shelters, warehouses, cisterns, tombs and cellars were built.

At the summit of the castle, there are many carved cubes, carved tombs and large cisterns.

Uchisar, whose watchtower was also used as a defense fortress, was an important strategic fortress especially against Arab raids.

Uçhisar Castle
From Uchisar castle, every part of Cappadocia can be seen from a bird’s eye view.

Uchisar, which maintained its importance during the Seljuk and Principalities periods, is one of the most important tourism destinations in the Cappadocia region today.

Uchisar Castle, the world’s largest natural skyscraper in the Cappadocia region, which is on the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage List and hosted approximately 5 million tourists last year, was frequented by 300 thousand local and foreign tourists in 2023.

Stating that they had a productive year, Uchisar Mayor Osman Süslü said, “It was a productive year in the Cappadocia region, especially in terms of accommodation. Our tourists are also satisfied with this situation. Official statements were made that the circulation in the world will increase by around 30 percent. I think this increase will exceed 50 percent especially in Antalya, Istanbul and Cappadocia region.”

Uçhisar Castle
Uçhisar Castle

Stating that Uchisar Castle is a region with a special strategic importance, Süslü said, “Uchisar Castle is one of the symbolic places of both the region and our town. It is called the world’s largest fairy chimney and is a place where local and foreign visitors flock. Around 300 thousand local and foreign tourists visited Uchisar Castle, which has the opportunity to see the entire Cappadocia region.”

When you go up to Uchisar Castle, which is the only region where the whole Cappadocia can be seen from a bird’s eye view, the valleys starting from Güvercinlik Valley to Avanos, Ortahisar Castle, Göreme Town, Göreme Open Air Museum, Kılıçlar Valley, Kızılçukur, Güllüdere, Aşk Valley, Cevizli Bağ Valley, Çavuşin, Boztepe, Aktepe, Erciyes Mountain and Hasan Mountain can be seen very clearly.

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