Hittitologist Metin Alparslan “Even if we are not related to the Hittites, we are considered countryman”

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The International Hittitology Congress, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey, will be held in Istanbul from September 4th to 8th this year.

Since 1990, the traditional Hittitology congress has been bringing together scholars, and this year in Istanbul, it will have the theme of ‘Green Congress.’

The first International Hittitology Congress, under the presidency of Prof. Dr. Sedat Alp, was held in Çorum. It was decided to hold the congress every three years, and until now, it has been organized in Çorum.

Congress President Assoc. Dr. Metin Alparslan said “XII. International Hittitology Congress aims not only to host scientific activities but also to create environmental awareness with the slogan “Take Action Against the Planet’s Overload!” The Hittitology Department, which will host participants from over fifteen different countries, has initiated efforts to minimize the damage to nature, Türkiye, and the world. To eliminate environmental pollution and reduce the “Carbon Footprint,” the congress will be conducted under the theme of a “Green Congress.” In line with this, the congress will avoid plastic usage and opt for glass and paper materials, and trees that reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be planted for each participant. The Green Congress concept aspires to be a pioneer for future congresses related to Ancient Studies and set an example for all other scientific conferences to be organized in the coming years.”

XII. International Hittitology Congress

Alparslan, drawing attention to the significance of the Hittite civilization as one of Anatolia’s most important civilizations. He mentioned that the projects and studies presented at the congress would make a significant contribution to Anatolian Hittite archaeology, culture, and Ancient Anatolian languages. Alparslan added that the discussions related to language, history, and archaeology would provide a new dimension to the understanding of Hittite culture and history, as well as Anatolian and neighboring cultures. He continued:

“Even if we are not related to the Hittites, we are considered ‘citizens.’ They lived in the same lands as us, endured life under the same conditions as us, and faced the same challenges as us. In this sense, we have a lot in common with them. Therefore, the study of the Hittites, the development of Hittite archaeology, and the examination of the written documents they left behind are of utmost importance. The International Hittitology Congress is the most significant meeting point for Hittite science. These congresses provide an incredible opportunity for scientific discussion. The results from here will likely be published as open access by Istanbul University Press in 2024. In other words, all the articles presented at our congress next year will be freely and readily accessible worldwide.”

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