The Troy Museum, selected as the European Museum of the Year, is preparing the “Troy Museum Journal” magazine for publication

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The Troy Museum, which was selected as the European Museum of the Year last year, is breaking new ground with its social media activities.

Troy Museum is preparing a digital magazine called “Troy Museum Journal” for publication.

In addition to the European Museum of the Year award, the Troy Museum, which has received awards such as the European Museum Academy 2020 and 2021 awards, Homeros Science Culture Art Awards, will continue to show its difference in world museology with the digital magazine Troy Museum Journal.

Troy Museum Journal, established within Dergi Park, aims to publish and share with researchers scientific articles, research review articles, review articles, scientific articles written in accordance with scientific research criteria and ethical rules in fields such as museology, archaeology, history, art history, ethnography, sociology, geography, history of literature, history of philosophy and cultural studies.

Rıdvan Gölcük, Director of the Troy Museum, which attracted attention with its social media activities with the pandemic period and succeeded in bringing Turkish museology out of the four walls, said that they are working with the aim of creating a good brand value in world museology and that they have taken a new step for this goal and introduced the Troy Museum Journal magazine into publication life.

Stating that the Troy Museum Journal magazine will be the first and only museum magazine published in the Magazine Park, Rıdvan Gölçük told the journalists the following.

Why is the Troy Museum Journal magazine important for us? The Troy Museum houses a large collection, we organize exhibitions and events, but we are also engaged in academic production. We have a goal to gather under one roof both the excavations we carry out in the province, the studies of our museum experts on the museum collection and the studies of the professors in the academy on the Troy Museum.

Emphasizing that the Troy Museum Journal will not only consist of studies on the museum, Gölcük said, “It aims to include researchers from many fields such as museology, history, art history, history of literature, history of philosophy, sociology, geography, and to gain a place in the international academic community in a short time. We have realized another new goal of creating ‘Made in Troy’, which is our main goal.”

The Troy Museum, selected as the European Museum of the Year, is preparing the "Troy Museum Journal" magazine for publication

Gölcük stated that the editorial part of the digital magazine will include the Troy Museum, and the editorial board will include both the Troy Museum and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University (ÇOMÜ) and academics from many universities:

“Academics or researchers will apply to the journal with their articles. Then there is a blind refereeing system, which means that we will not be guaranteeing to publish the incoming article. Articles that are accepted after passing through the referee and have a certain scientific criterion will be included here. Therefore, whichever articles fulfill that scientific criterion will be included. At the moment, 5 articles are foreseen for the first issue. This means a content of over 100 pages.”

Stating that there is only one journal in the field of museum education in Turkey, Gölcük said, “Therefore, Troy Museum will be a new address, it will accept publications from all museums in Turkey. We are the only museum magazine in Magazine Park. We anticipate that it will be an indispensable address for the content to be produced in other museums.”

Scientists and researchers who want to take part in the first issue of the journal will be able to send their articles through the Journal Park via the link “” until February 10, 2024.

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